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Training is like fighting with a gorilla. You don‘t stop when you‘re tired.
You stop when the gorilla is tired.
Greg Henderson


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Training Links

Turning up to training sessions a couple of times a week will in itself help to improve fitness, flexibility and general health, and will probably be enough for most people. Some, however, will want more than this; particularly at the higher grades when being fitter, stronger and more flexible makes life much easier; or for tournaments where a less technically skilled but fitter competitor can defeat someone who is, on paper, a better fighter but can't keep going for the full round.

The University runs a number of other fitness classes that can be used to complement your training; including yoga for flexibility, and a number of exercise classes for general fitness.

If you prefer to train on your own, or informally with friends, the items below are a small collection of links to get you started or give you additional ideas: