University of Leicester Taekwon-Do Club

(Noowo Gisool)


The student of Taekwon-Do should be able to meet an opponent or opponents even in a reclining position. A technique performed while lying down is called a “ground technique” and is used at a close range. It is divided into defence & attack techniques.

Defence Techniques

The majority of standard blocks can still be performed, and in addition there are some techniques which are specific to this position:

Hand Ground Defence Techniques

Holding (Bachigi)

Used to protect the solar plexus and above. Performed with the twin palm, and can be used to grab the attacking hand or foot, allowing a follw-up by twisting the attacking limb.

Checking (Momchugi)

Used to protect the face, and is similar in procedure to a standing checking block.

Covering (Karioogi)

Used to cover parts of the body to prevent harm, and also useful for gaining time to perform a counter attack.

Foot Ground Defence Techniques

Ground Leg Crossing (Noowo dari kogi)

Used to protect the lower abdomen and below, and can be swiftly converted into a simultaneous counter attack to both sides.

Ground Knee Bending (Noowo moorup gubirigi)

Used to protect the lower abdomen and below.

Ground Dodging (Noowo pihagi)

Used to evade an attack. Can be either rolling away from the opponent, or rolling in towards them.

Attack Techniques

The majority of standard attacks can still be performed from this position, although the range will be closer than usual in some cases. See the link below for some illustrations of how these techniques may be applied.