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Kup Patterns | Dan Patterns

The following table gives a summary of the new techniques arising in each kup pattern:

Blocks & Attacks | Stances & Moving
Chon-JiInner forearm middle block-
Dan-GunKnife-hand Guarding Block
Twin Forearm Block
Forearm Rising Block
Walking Stance High punch
Do-SanOuter Forearm High Side Block
High Wedging Block
Straight Fingertip Thrust
Walking Stance Back Fist High Side Strike
Middle Front Snap Kick
Won-HyoForearm Circular Block
Forearm Middle Guarding Block
Fixed Stance Middle Punch
Walking Stance Reverse Punch
Low Front Snap Kick
Middle Side Piercing Kick
Yul-GokTwin Knife-hand Block
Palm Obverse Hooking Block
Palm Reverse Hooking Block
Double Forearm High Block
Sitting Stance Middle Punch
Front Elbow Strike
X-Stance Back Fist High Side Strike
Joong-GunReverse Knife-hand Outward Block
Palm Upward Block
X-Fist Rising Block
Palm Pressing Block
U-Shape Block
Upper Elbow Strike
Twin Fist High Vertical Punch
Twin Fist Upset Punch
L-Stance Back Fist High Side Strike
L-Stance Reverse Punch
Angle Punch
Low Side Front Snap Kick
Toi-GyeX-Fist Pressing Block
Outer Forearm W-Shape Block
Double Forearm Low Pushing Block
Knife-hand Low Guarding Block
Upset Fingertip Low Thrust
Close Stance Back Fist Side Back Strike
Flat Fingertip High Thrust
L-Stance Back Fist High Strike
Knee Upward Kick
Hwa-RangPalm Pushing Block
Close Stance Inner Forearm Middle Side Front Block
Upward Punch
Knife-hand Downward Strike
L-Stance Obverse Punch
L-Stance Side Elbow Thrust
High Turning Kick
Choong-MooL-Stance Forearm Low Block
Sitting Stance Forearm Middle Front Block
L-Stance X-Knife-hand Middle Side Block
Both Palms Upward Block
Knife-hand High Front Strike
Reverse Knife-hand High Front Strike
Sitting Stance Back Fist High Side Strike
Flying Side Piercing Kick
Middle Back Piercing Kick
Chon-JiL-stanceBackward Step Turning-
Do-SanSitting StanceSpot TurningFast
Won-HyoClose Ready Stance A
Fixed Stance
Bending Ready Stance A
Joong-GunClose Ready Stance B
Rear Foot Stance
Low Stance
Hwa-RangVertical Stance--