University of Leicester Taekwon-Do Club

(Ilbo Matsogi)


One step sparring is usually performed semi-free where the defender has no set movements; the student is free to use any defence and counter they feel comfortable with. For one step, both participants start facing each other in parallel ready stance.

We practice three types of one step sparring.

Basic one-step begins with both partners facing each other in parallel ready stance. The attacker will then step forwards into right walking stance making single middle section obverse punch. The defender may perform any blocking or avoiding technique they wish, and follow with a counter attack of their choice. The same attacker then repeats with the left side, and the defender performs the same technique on the other side. Partners then swap roles, such that the defender becomes the attacker, and continues as above.

Advanced one-step is performed exactly as above, but instead of single front punch the attacker may use any attack, and the defender must respond appropriately. Variants of this include being asked to use hand or foot attacks only; to include jumping attacks; or to demonstrate locks, holds, and/or takedowns.

The third type is Continuous One Step. It begins with a single attack as previously, but after the defender's block, the attacker directly blocks the counter and responds with a counter of their own, which will in turn be blocked and counter attacked. This continues until told to stop.