University of Leicester Taekwon-Do Club

ITF Recognition Plaque


The ITF plaque was designed by Kim Jong Chan, and is issued to ITF schools 'in good standing'. Master Sahota's plaque can be seen on the wall of his dojang.

The plaque is in the shape of a turtle, symbolising longevity. The centre is the logo of the ITF, and there are ten tabs around the outside. These are, in clockwise order from the top:

  1. Taekwon-Do in Korean, and plaque number
  2. Flying Knife-Hand Strike, performed by Park Jong Soo
  3. 'Recognition'
  4. Flying Twisting Kick performed by Rhee Ki Ha
  5. Flying Punching Kick, performed by Rhee Chong Hyup
  6. General Choi's signature
  7. Flying Front Kick, performed by Han Cha Kyo
  8. X-Stance Back Fist Strike, performed by Choi Chang Keun
  9. Initials of the International Taekwon-Do Federation
  10. Flying Two-Direction Kick; performer apparently unknown