Pattern diagram


Movements - 30
Ready Posture - Narani Junbi Sogi
CHOONG-MOO was the name given to the great Admiral Yi Soon-Sin of the Lee Dynasty. He was reputed to have invented the first armoured battleship (Kobukson) in 1592, which is said to be the precursor of the present day submarine. The reason why this pattern ends with a left hand attack is to symbolize his regrettable death, having no chance to show his unrestrained potentiality checked by the forced reservation of his loyalty to the king. [ultkd]
StartReady at CParallel toward DReady StanceNarani junbi Sogi
1Move LF to B, 90° turn a-cwR. L-Stance toward BTwin knifehand blockNiunja so sang sonkal makgi
2Move RF fwd to BR. Walking toward BR. Knifehand high front inward strikeGunnun so sonkal nopunde ap anuro taerigi
3Move RF to A, 180° turn cwL. L-Stance toward AKnifehand middle guarding blockNiunja so sonkal kaunde daebi makgi
4Move LF fwd to AL. Walking toward AL. Flat fingertip high thrustGunnun so opun sonkut nopunde tulgi
5Move LF to D, 90° turn a-cwR. L-Stance toward DKnifehand middle guarding blockNiunja so sonkal kaunde daebi makgi
6Pick RF up, 180° turn cwL. Bending toward CReady Stance 'A'Guburyo junbi Sogi 'A'
7------R. Middle side piercing kick to CKaunde yop cha jirugi
8Move RF to LF, 180° turn a-cwR. L-Stance toward DKnifehand middle guarding blockNiunja so sonkal kaunde daebi makgi
9Move RF fwd, jump to D
L. L-Stance toward D
R. Flying side piercing kick to D
Knifehand middle guarding block
Twimyo yop cha jirugi
Niunja so sonkal kaunde daebi makgi
10Move LF to F, 270° turn a-cwR. L-Stance toward EOuter forearm low blockNiunja so bakat palmok najunde makgi
11Slip LF fwd to EL. Walking toward EExtend both hands upwards as if to grab opponent's headGunnun sogi
12Pick RF up---R. Knee upward kick to EMoorup ollyo chagi
13Move RF to LF, move LF to F, 180° turn a-cwL. Walking toward FR. Reverse knifehand high inward front strikeGunnun so sonkal dung nopunde anuro ap taerigi
14------R. Front sole high turning kickAp kumchi nopunde dollyo chagi
15Lower RF to LF, 180° turn a-cw---L. Middle back piercing kickKaunde dwit cha jirugi
16Lower LF to FL. L-Stance toward EForearm middle guarding blockNiunja so palmok kaunde daebi makgi
17------L. Front sole middle turning kick to DEAp kumchi kaunde dollyo chagi
18Lower LF to RF, move RF to CR. Fixed toward CU-shape blockGojong so digutja makgi
19Jump & spin 360° anti-cwL. L-Stance toward CKnifehand middle guarding blockNiunja so sonkal kaunde daebi makgi
20Move LF fwd to CL. Walking toward CR. Upset fingertip thrustGunnun so dwijibo sonkut tulgi
21Shift LF backR. L-Stance toward CR. Backfist high side-back strike to D L. Outer forearm low blockNiunja so dung joomuk nopunde yop-dwi taerigi,
wa Bakat palmok najunde makgi
22Move RF fwd to CR. Walking toward CR. Straight fingertip middle thrustGunnun so sun sonkut tulgi
23Move LF to B, 270° turn a-cwL. Walking toward BDouble forearm high blockGunnun so doo palmok nopunde makgi
24Move RF fwd, 90° turn a-cwSitting toward CR. inner forearm middle front block to C followed by R. backfist high side strike to BAnnun so orun an palmok kaunde ap anuro makgi
Annun so orun dung joomuk nopunde yop taerigi
25Pick RF up to A, 90° turn a-cw---R. Middle side piercing kickKaunde yop cha jirugi
26Move RF to LF, pick LF up to B---L. Middle side piercing kickKaunde yop cha jirugi
27Lower LF to A, 180° turn cwL. L-Stance toward BX-knifehand checking blockNiunja so kyocha sonkal momchau makgi
28Move LF fwd to BL. Walking toward BTwin palm upward blockGunnun so sang sonbadak ollyo makgi
29Spot turn to AR. Walking toward AR. Outer forearm rising blockGunnun so bakat palmok chookyo makgi
30------L. Forefist middle front reverse punchGunnun so ap joomuk kaunde ap bandae jirugi
End:Bring Left foot to the ready position
Notes:On move 2 (knifehand high front inward strike) the L. Knifehand moves in front of the forehead to guard the head
Perform moves 14-15 (turning kick-back kick) in a fast motion.