University of Leicester Taekwon-Do Club

(Bal Bang Eu-Gi)

(See also Foot Attack Techniques)


Defence using the foot consists of the following techniques:

Rising kick (Cha olligi)

Used to block an attack to the middle section or above by diverting the attacking hand or foot upwards from underneath, and is also used as an exercise for muscle development. There are two variants:

Crescent kick (Bandal chagi)

Uses the sole of the foot to block an attack to the middle section or above. The foot reaches the target in an inward arc and moves the attacking hand or foot sideways.

Waving kick (Doro chagi)

Uses the side sole to block a kick aimed at the groin by intercepting the opponent's ankle joint.

Checking kick (Cha momchugi)

Used primarily to restrict an opponent trying to close in on you. The checking foot is kept momentarily in contact with the opponent during the kick. There are two variants:

Hooking kick (Golcho chagi)

A complement to the crescent kick, this technique uses the side instep travelling in an outward curve to move the attacking part sideways.