University of Leicester Taekwon-Do Club



Although Taekwon-Do is a defensive art, training by the practical application of techniques against a real adversary, or even several, is very important. It is also an excellent way to check how well a student has learned.

Sparring is indispensable for the student who wishes to progress. During sparring, he or she will test skills acquired, learn to recognise and, with practice, anticipate the opponent's tactics; sparring builds self-control, self-confidence, and courage.

Students will be allowed to take part in sparring at the instructor's discretion. Usually, students will only be allowed to spar if equipped with a full set of protective pads. However, the instructor may allow under-padded students to take part in more restricted (e.g. no contact) sparring according to their experience and ability.

Students who fight over-enthusiastically (i.e. above the level of contact expected for their grade and opponent's abilities) may be cautioned by the instructor. Repeated cautions, or behaviour resulting in injuries to others will result in sanctions.

All sparring is carried out under the supervision of an instructor or an appointed senior grade, and the format and conduct is entirely at their discretion. However, the following rules should always be kept in mind: