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Graded members should wear full dobok, which should be clean and, ideally, not look like they have just been slept in; and a belt appropriate to their rank. This is partly because to do otherwise shows a lack of respect to the art and to the instructor, but also allows the instructor to tell at a glance what level a student has reached, and allow the lesson to be directed accordingly.

See the section on Doboks for images.

Beginners should wear loose, comfortable clothing, such as a t-shirt and track suit bottoms.

Members who train primarily with ULTKD are expected to either purchase a club dobok, or attach a club badge to their own dobok. Members who grade with ULTKD will be required to wear the official club dobok to their gradings. Members who grade with other clubs, who are only occasional visitors to the club, or who occasionally wear a second dobok to training, may wear their own dobok and need not have the ULTKD badge.

Doboks should be washed regularly and kept hung up or carefully folded to avoid creases; this applies doubly for tournaments, and for gradings they should be both spotless and ironed - the condition of your dobok is as much a part of the grading as your performance! See the page on how to fold the dobok if in doubt as to how best to achieve this.

Trainers may be worn to warm up in if you have an injury or similar that requires it, otherwise all training should be done in bare feet unless you have Taekwon-Do specific training shoes (available from martial arts suppliers). If trainers are worn, these should be indoor trainers, as outdoor shoes should not be worn in the dojang.

Uniform for Gradings

Correct dress for kup grades is a plain white dobok with a belt of the appropriate colour for the student's rank.

Dan grades should wear a white dobok with black edging as appropriate to their grade.

Uniform for Tournaments

Members representing the club at official events are required to wear club uniform as detailed above when competing. In addition, club t-shirts and hoodies should be worn to and while at the venue.